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Delivery & Shipping
Keep flowers in water and in the refrigerator until you are ready to ship or deliver. If the bouquet or arrangement is in foam, please keep the foam moist so the flowers do not dry out. In the Kansas City area, you may arrange to drop off your flowers. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

1. Remove all bling, keepsake charms, ribbons etc. Ask your florist for fresh ribbon if you would like it included in the design.

2. Label each item (i.e. bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids, centerpiece flowers, mother’s corsage, etc.) There is no extra charge to press additional flowers since they are sometimes needed in the final design.

3. Take DRY paper towels and go around your bouquet creating a “snowball.” This cushions your flowers.

4. Now place the bouquet in a plastic trash bag which will help the flowers stay moist during shipping​.

5. Place the plastic bag in a box, slightly larger than the bouquet, along with crumpled newspaper or more paper towels to ensure they do not bounce around in transit.

6. If including a photo or invitation, place in a clear plastic bag and in between stiff cardboard so it does not bend.

7. Ship your bouquet Overnight Express and be sure to mark the outside of the box no signature required.

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If the flower arrangement is in foam, pull out 15-20 stems of flowers and greenery and rubber band together. Wrap the flowers in DRY paper towels and follow the above directions.

Ship your bouquet Overnight Express (USPS, UPS, or FedEx). Shipping costs can vary from $75-$200 depending on your location and the size of the box. Please be sure to mark the outside of the box that no signature is required. Email the tracking number to us so we can anticipate the delivery.

If you have any questions please contact us at

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